Retreat Agenda

Friday Evening:

6:00 pm Opening Dinner

Spiritual Awakening

Old Ideas, Delusions, and the Earth ride

What is keeping me from being Present Right Now?

How does my Ego function in my daily life?

Compliance Vs Surrender, admitting complete defeat

Evening Meditation


Morning Meditation


Humility and an Open Mind

Listening With an Open Mind

Righty relating

Finding Peace in this moment

Lunch - Free time until 4pm

Principles in Application Meeting

Grievances and Resentments

Resentment Inventory

Realization and Reality


Willingness to let go of my imagined self

Saturday Dinner

Group Sharing/Meeting

Evening Meditation


Morning Meditation/St. Francis Prayer comes alive


Relationships and People I’ve harmed

Making Amends not apologizing

Making Self Searching a way of life

Ongoing Prayer and Meditation as a way of life.

Loving Your Life Now.

Spiritual Awakening

Questions and Answers


12:00 noon Retreat Ends